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The central ideas of this book are as follows:
– Cancer is a psycho-social-spiritual-somatic disease. Its source is the lack of love in our life, untreated (often from childhood) mental traumas, and unmet, suppressed needs. The most important of these needs are to express our feelings, to be a unique personality and to live as our soul wants.
– The above factors lead to a dissatisfaction with our lives, deep intrapersonal conflicts, psycho-spiritual crisis, and chronic physiological stress in the body. The results is an unconscious desire for death and the emergence of the oncodominant—the psychophysiological root of tumors (explained in Chapter 16).
– Carcinogens in the environment only become able to provoke an ailment when chronic stress reaches the level of oncogenic distress. When that occurs, it destroys the immunity and other systems of anti-cancer protection of the body.
– Cancer treatment should not be limited to removing or affecting the tumor. The tumor is only a local symptom of systemic imbalance of the organism, based on the oncogenic distress.
– Disease is not a life sentence. The path to health lies through the resolution of the crisis, the cure of chronic psychic traumas and conflicts, and finding ways to satisfy a patient’s deep needs. Discovering the new meaning in our lives and opening up those areas where we are closed down awaken the colossal healing reserves of the organism and lead to a stable remission or even a complete healing.

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