This book will change everything you know about cancer.

It discloses what physicians will not tell you.

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Product Description

Dear reader,

I’ve written this short version (with a different title) because the original is long (500+ pages) and requires serious, thoughtful reading. It is not always easy, especially for a sick person. When you have a general idea of the book from this summary, you will be more ready to read the original.

The short version consists of the full preface and table of contents of the original, a summary of the main part and information about the author and his practice.

From the table of contents you will understand the differences of this adapted essay from the original. Each paragraph of summary corresponds to a chapter or at least several pages of the book. It is clear that many interesting topics and facts could not be included here for the sake of brevity. If any ideas you find here seem to be disputable, incomprehensible, or even shocking,  remember that in the original book they are all explained in detail and justified by research and clinical examples.

I invite you to an engrossing journey into the mysteries of cancer and the human psyche!

Dr. Vladislav Matrenitsky